Outpatient Clinics



We are back to seeing patients face to face in our rooms.

We are still willing to see patients via video and phone consultations if you request.

We are performing ECG’s, Holter Monitors, BP Monitors and Stress ECG’s in the rooms.

We will still be catching up with patients via video and phone consultations.

ALL remote video consultations will be bulk billed.


Ballarat Cardiology has a commitment to the whole of the Grampians, Wimmera and South Coast area of Western Victoria.  As such we do regular visits to several of the towns in the region.  While we attempt to see patients as close as possible to home, it is sometimes necessary for the patients to travel to Ballarat due to limited availability in the away clinics.  You may often have to see the Cardiologist in Ballarat for your initial appointment or for an urgent appointment but follow-up appointments can often be managed in the away clinics.


Ararat is visited regularly by Dr Hengel at Ararat Medical Centre.  Dr Reddy conducts an annual Pacemaker Clinic in Ararat at East Grampians Health Service.


We visit Hamilton regularly and provide a variety of services including Echocardiograms.

Hamilton Family Practice conduct our 24 ECG Holter Monitors which our Doctors report on.


Horsham is visited by all four of our Cardiologists.  Dr Hengel and Dr Reddy attends Lister House, with Dr Reddy performing an annual Pacemaker Clinic, Dr Childs attends Wimmera Medical Centre and Dr Zeitzen attends Lister House and Wimmera Medical Centre.

We are now conducting Echocardiograms in Horsham regularly.


Dr Reddy consults in Maryborough at Clarendon Medical Centre and conducts 4 Pacemaker Clinics a year.


Stawell is visited by three of our Cardiologists.  Dr Hengel, Dr Reddy (with an annual Pacemaker Clinic), and Dr Childs.  We visit Patrick Street Medical Centre and Stawell Hospital.